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Headtracker      $229.00

The headtracker is an input device which records the head movements of the user, allowing natural and intuitive interaction. Different sensors detect changes in rotation in all three dimensions and transmit these to the computer. In combination with the PV Glasses, this allows the user an immersive experience in virtual worlds by looking around freely.
The PV Glasses headtracker acts like a PC mouse, making it suitable for all games and professional applications that can be operated with a computer mouse. The headtracker is attached to the side pieces of the video glasses. When using the PV Glasses headtracker, there is no specific driver needed in addition so it can be immediatly used on Windows, Apple and Linux operating systems.

With the software program "Tracker Configuration Tool" the headtracker speed can be adjusted independendly of the PC Mouse. Additionally there are taps to check for a new version of the headtracker firmware or of the Tracker Configuration Tool itself. To download the PV Glasses Tracker Configuration Tool please click here.

For professional applications there is an option of directly accessing the sensor data of the USB HID through an existing SDK (for Windows). By using the SDK or the USB HID, data of the 3 rotation axes of the headtracker sensors can be read out. The SDK and professional support are available here after registration.

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