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Adapter Kit for iPod and iPhone      $79.00

The cinemizer adapter kit for iPod and iPhone is certified by Apple as "Made for iPod and iPhone" for the following devices:

All iPod and iPhone models with video capability and 30 pin connector are supported. 1st and 3rd generation iPad models also work with the Adapter Kit. The 1st generation iPad, however, exerts constant mechanical pressure on the PV Glasses adapter connector and is therefore not recommended.
Use of the PV Glasses Adapter Kit for iPod and iPhone is summarized in a short instruction manual:
Instructions (PDF • English • 2 pages • 395 kB)

Apple devices with Lightning connector are not mechanically compatible with the cinemizer Apple Adapter Kit. Newer iPod, iPhone and iPad models with Lightning connector benefit from digital video transmission and can be connected to PV Glasses via HDMI using the "Apple Digital AV adapter". This results in much higher image quality. Also, the entire display contents are digitally transmitted to PV Glasses, allowing mobile video as well as mobile gaming with breathtaking image quality.

The cinemizer adapter kit for iPod and iPhone includes:

  • cinemizer iPod/iPhone adapter
  • Base plate
  • Three adhesive pads that are selected based on the thickness of the device

  • Instructions (PDF · English · 2 pages· 395 kB)