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PV Glasses      $789.00

PV Glasses combines three-dimensional movie enjoyment with brilliant image quality and outstanding stereo sound. The glasses projects a 40-inch image into the eyeglasses – and therefore creates a theater atmosphere combining a three-dimensional movie experience with brilliant image quality and outstanding stereo sound.
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Headtracker      $229.00

The headtracker is an input device which records the head movements of the user, allowing natural and intuitive interaction. Different sensors detect changes in rotation in all three dimensions and transmit these to the computer. In combination with the PV Glasses, this allows the user an immersive experience in virtual worlds by looking around freely
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Adapter Kit for iPod and iPhone      $79.00

The cinemizer adapter kit for iPod and iPhone is certified by Apple as "Made for iPod and iPhone" for the following devices:
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Eyeshield      $39.00

The eyeshield is an optional accessory for the PV Glasses, which seal oneself off from the outerworld. The flexible eyeshield made of soft rubber and plastic is simple to mount on the multimedia glasses and embrace the complete eye area. When using the PV Glasses as external viewfinder or watching video on the go, with the cinemizer eyeshield all disturbing environmental influences are blocked.